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VDI: Doing It Right from the Start!

On November 3, we hosted a webinar on VDI called "Doing It Right from the Start!" through MEEC's webinar series!

The webinar was hosted by our two Sr. Solution Engineers, Shaun Howard and Stephen Nganga. They both shared their experience and knowledge about implementing VDI in the workplace. We appreciate their hard work in creating and presenting this webinar and thank you to all of those who attended. However, if you weren't able to attend, you can watch the full webinar below and learn the in's and out's of implementing VDI!

It’s an interesting world we live in today, where a global pandemic has disrupted just about all ways of life. The organizations of the world are trying to determine the best path to deliver access to applications and information, for employees, contractors, and customers. Remote Work is no longer the primary focus, but becoming an Anywhere Organization. An Anywhere Organization is an organization that supports 100% Remote Work, Hybrid Work, and 100% at Work locations supporting access from any device, by any person, and from anywhere. Getting to Anywhere Organization status does not have to happen overnight, and can be accomplished in phases. One such technology to help reach that goal is embracing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). VDI provides numerous benefits and alleviates issues plaguing the traditional network environment including desktop management, security, remote workers, and device compatibility. ATS' experience with designing and deploying systems to achieve Anywhere Organization status can prepare you to avoid common design and deployment mistakes, and sharing other organizations' experiences that used ATS' methodologies with what we did and what we found to be the most successful on this Anywhere Organization journey.

A VDI pilot program is one of the best recommendations we can make in the transition from physical to virtual desktops because it prepares an organization for a successful, full-scale VDI deployment. A pilot program is similar to putting a new ship through sea trials, or test flying a new airplane before allowing passengers to board. Starting a VDI project with a pilot program gives administrators a chance to thoroughly evaluate the infrastructure and software on hand, and then address any potential shortcomings before transitioning all their users over to a virtual desktop environment. The most important thing to remember about a VDI pilot program is that the end users do not care that the IT staff is transitioning to VDI. Users expect IT to provide all the resources they need to continue doing their jobs in an efficient manner as if they’re all still using physical desktops. If workers experience problems with the VDI environment, or the virtual desktops somehow don’t perform to their own expectations, you can rest assured the users will scream loudly. As such, it is critically important to spend ample time on a pilot program and to be meticulous and methodical in your evaluation. A good pilot program positions a VDI implementation for success and that’s why we are here.



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