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Non-Contact Rapid Temperature Detection Solutions

October is Non-Contact Rapid Temperature Detection Solutions month at ATS! This month we are focusing on temperature solutions to protect you and your office from the COVID-19 pandemic and from the upcoming flu season. These solutions will help you transition back to the office more smoothly, and will give truthful and accurate results. A lot of companies are relying on employees to self-assess their temperature, which can lead to inaccurate results and put the office at risk. The solutions we offer can avoid this, as well as offer some other security aspects.

Before going through the solutions, we should go over qualification questions to find out what might be the best for you. Below is a list of questions that can determine what would best for your environment, and with the resources you have.

What is your budget? The solutions vary in price and your budget may impact your choice.

Physical location - Where will you place the solution? You want to consider vents and large windows which could possibly impact accurate readings.

Are you currently using facial recognition? If so, are you looking to integrate or leverage that data?

Do you have ethernet or Wi-Fi at the location or will you need a mobile connection (4G)?

Are SLA’s, Security and/or Battery Backup Important? This will impact which solution best suits you.

Reporting & Management? What information do you want to capture? Do you want to manage all sites together?

Are you integrating into your existing Access Controls? Thermal can serve as multi factor authenticator.

Do you prefer an on-premise solution? There are options for on-prem and cloud.</li>

Do you want a turn Key solution? Some solutions require more configuration, management and setup than others. What experience are you looking for?

The questions above will help steer you to the proper solution for you

OneScreen GoSafe Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner

The first thermal solution we will go over is the OneScreen GoSafe body temperature and facial recognition scanner. The OneScreen GoSafe is the most cost effective of the group and will allow entry based on temperature, mask detection, facial recognition, ID card or via remote approval. Scans are done in approximately 1 second from 1.5 to 3 feet away, and one person at a time. The scan can be completed with and without a face mask, and as said before you can make face masks a requirement for entry. You can store up to 30,000 employees and/or visitor faces. This solution can come as a wall mount, table top or vertical stand. Live video assistance is available and you can receive free training and management software with every unit. This device can also sound an alarm when an elevate temperature is detected. The OneScreen GoSafe camera can be integrated into existing access controls for multi-factor authentication, such as card reads and key fobs etc.

Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk (PMK)

The next solution is the Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk, which is a very similar form factor to the OneScreen GoSafe solution. It also can come as a wall mount, table top or vertical stand. It is a non-contact solution that can store up to 20,000 facial contacts, and can also detect face masks if that is made as a requirement. Similar to the OneScreen solution, it takes under 2 seconds to for facial and mask recognition and temperature detection. It can also sound alarms for elevated temperatures. A differentiator for the PMK is the support levels available – there is standard support that comes with the devices, but there are an additional 4 levels of support you can purchase. Another differentiator is that this platform is more in-depth than the OneScreen platform and offers real time customizable alerts and reports.

Dell Human Based Temperature Detection (HBTD) w/ Intellisite

The third solution we can offer is the Dell Human Based Temperature Solution w/ Intellisite. This solution is a different form factor than the previous 2 offerings. It consists of a cart, Dell Touchscreen Display, keyboard, mouse, Dell Workstation w/ NVIDIA GPU, a UPS and a 6MP Thermal Camera and Intellisite software. There is an optional 4G Cradlepoint router available for mobile connectivity. All of the processing is done at the edge on the Dell Workstation leveraging the NVIDIA GPU with everything stored locally on the device. Although it is stored locally, we are able to scale out this solution to include unstructured data storage with Isilon. This solution differs from the previous solutions because it is a thermal only solution and odes not capture faces or images. The Dell HBTD can scan three people at a time and can get approximately 50 people a minute from 13 – 30 feet away. Someone would need to monitor the display and intercept anyone that is identified with a higher temperature than allowed.

These are the three ATS-certified solutions available to you! If you would like to learn more about these solutions, you can access our recorded thermal webinar here which contains the information above and much more.



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