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New Hire: IT Recruiter

Kimberley Hamilton

I am originally from Boston, MA. Yes, I am a Celtics and Patriots fan. I am also a Ravens and sometimes a Cowboys fan. I am a passionate and compassionate recruiter. I have been in some form of talent acquisition for over a dozen years. I have focused on process improvement, SOPs, continuous improvement and of course, actual recruiting.

Can't Leave the House Without

I cannot (and will not) leave home without my phone. It is not only a major lifeline for my profession, but I also use it to track goals, memories, reminders and so much more.

Favorite Restaurant

Anywhere with amazing seafood like Legal Seafood in Boston, or a great steakhouse like Lewnes' in Annapolis.

Weirdest Food I've Ever Eaten

I'm not very adventurous with food given childhood tasting trauma! I would have to go with pig's feet (souse) or turtle soup.

Super Power

I would have the ability to automatically produce food and then teleport it in abundance to wherever there was a need.



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