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New Hire: Inside Sales Associate

Nick Lupacchino

"I am a 27-year-old semi-recent college graduate. I studied Business Management for my undergraduate and graduate degree while playing on the school’s hockey team. I am on the Inside Sales team for ATS."

Fun Fact

I have moved more than 15 times in my life and have lived in Europe for four years of my life

Can't Leave the House Without

As much as I hate to say it, I think I can’t leave the house without my phone. I feel so out of touch with people that are important to me and I would hate to not have my phone if someone needs to get ahold of me for any reason.

Favorite Restaurant

My favorite restaurant would be a place in Fallston called Acapella, they have the best homemade pasta and pizza.

Favorite TV Show

Favorite TV show currently would be Peaky Blinders.

Weirdest Food I've Ever Eaten

Weirdest food I’ve ever eaten was cow liver when I was young and I haven’t been that bold since.

Super Power

I would choose the ability to fly so I could save time on any type of driving and be able to travel whenever I want



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