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New Hire: Account Manager

Rich Weaver

"I am pleased and honored to join the sales staff at ATS as an account manager calling on higher education accounts. I have spent the last 20 years working to solve the computing, storage, cloud, client and security problems of public sector customers in the mid-Atlantic region and federal government. My recent post as a data center executive for Dell Federal has renewed my appreciation for working with a small and very talented team here at ATS. I very much look forward to renewing friendships with my customers and partners."

Fun Fact

I once shared a river in the Alaskan wilderness with some very large and hungry grizzly bears - see the picture. Luckily, they were only hungry for salmon and not me. The big guy behind me in the picture was going to come right up on my boots with his head in the water, so I had to stop him. I said, "hey bear, get out of here!". He pulled his head out of the water and looked at me, then walked across the river and started fishing again.

Hidden Talent

I am qualified as a front man and lead guitarist in a rock/blues band. Let's rock!

Super Power I Would Want

I would like the ability to bring people together who are needlessly hating each other.

One Meal I Would Eat For the Rest of My Life

Anything that has to do with breakfast would work quite well for me - pass the bacon and syrup, please.

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