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Cloud Security Tips for Preventing Threats

The 2016 State of the Cloud Survey stated that 95% of respondents are using the cloud. Cloud computing continues to rapidly grow and evolve, but that means cloud security becomes more and more critical. IT managers will need to continue protecting themselves and their organizations, enable innovation, data access and flexibility. Here are some cloud security tips you can focus on to prevent cloud security threats in your organizations.

Educate Employees

A majority of data breaches and security threats can be traced back to employees who are not properly educated or trained. This is why proper and consistent security is so important, as these mistakes can be easily avoided. You should train every person in the company, and continue to brief them on best practices going forward. Set up protocol to help guide employees in case they feel they have been compromised, and run surprise security tests to make sure all employees are following protocol and retaining what they have been taught.

Determine Data Backup Plan

As time goes on and things advance and mature, the possibility of permanent data loss increases. It is more important than ever to constantly have a secure back up. You should distribute data and applications across multiple zones for protection and adhere to best practices with daily data backup, offsite storage and disaster recovery


Cloud encryption is important for protection. Data and text can be transformed through encryption algorithms and then is placed on a storage cloud. Encrypting your data can ensure its protection as it leaves your business and moves to the cloud.

Continuous Monitoring

If you monitor your network continuously and feed in new info about potential threats, you would easily be performing one of the most vital tasks for protection. You should make sure any suspicious behavior is flagged, so you can uncover malicious insiders and unauthorized access. You will find issues and interference fast this way and it will be quicker to lessen these issues in the future

Regular Testing

Penetration testing will be the best way to measure how protected your cloud data is. This will help to identify and address vulnerabilities and minimize cloud security threats. Be sure to link tests to actionable advice to fix, improve and empower your team to make the correct changes.



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