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VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

VMware offers Workspace ONE which is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that securely delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control, application management and multiplatform endpoint management. It starts off with a simple, single sign-on access to cloud, mobile, web and Windows apps in one catalog, and includes integrated email, calendar, file and collaboration tools that engage and connect employees. Employees can use their own personal devices or devices supplied by their company if the option is available. The devices will need to have the capability for IT to install risk-based conditional access policies that also take into account “device compliance information delivered by unified endpoint management (UEM) technology”. Workspace ONE can automate traditional onboarding and laptop and mobile device configuration, and deliver real-time application lifecycle management.


A few benefits of Workspace ONE were mentioned above, but let’s dive into those benefits a little bit more. This platform allows you to improve your remote work experiences and tasks while reducing cost, time and needed resources.

Remote On-Boarding and Configuration

This platform can be downloaded on to mobile devices to give new employees access to your customized and branded self-service enterprise app catalog. IT administrators will be able to provide new employees with access to accounts they need to fill out things such as benefits forms. This allows employees to quickly get these first day necessities out of the way, but it is also beneficial when working remotely which is especially crucial during these times we are experiencing. With this platform you can onboard a new employee with all apps and necessary configured devices in under an hour.

Passport and Zero-Trust Model

This is a newly available feature that gives employees access to the physical offices using authorized mobile devices. This can streamline remote work, whether it is for an extended time or every now and then. This feature is monitored by the policy of zero-trust model. This means companies are notified of any patterns or activity that is not normal or not allowed. For example, the company will be notified if an employee tries to access something they are not allowed to or if their access and usage pattern seems irregular.

Adaptive Management

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub has adaptive management, meaning that employees can use both personal devices or company issued devices, depending on their preference or what is available to them. They will be able to access documents and company files from any kind of device of their choosing


This platform integrates many apps into one, to allow employees to access things such as emails, calendars and contacts all in one place. It makes information easily accessible and condensed leading to the easier ability to work remotely. In addition to this, the platform allows hub administrators to directly distribute files to devices, users, groups and more. This allows companies to keep information for employees up-to-date and readily accessible.

Remote Assistance

Workspace ONE Remote Assistance supports employees when needed. It offers remote assistance and troubleshooting, and allows you to determine issues completely remotely. You can gather information on a device by performing a device query, which allows you to collect the latest profile list, device info, installed apps and certificates. When troubleshooting, you have the ability to remotely access file system logs and configuration files so that you can diagnose and most likely solve the issue.

Now more than ever, Workspace ONE has become a relevant and viable solution to the problems arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. It condenses and integrates everything employees would use in a regular day at the office, on to a platform that is easily accessible from any device available to them. In addition to that, it isn’t only relevant during a time when everyone is working from home at the same time, it is relevant for all employees that might not be in the office every day. If there are days when they travel or even some days they work from home, this will continue to be a useful product. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub continues to update and add features to the platform, adapting and adjusting as the needs of consumers evolve over time.



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