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New Hire: Network Engineer

Jeremiah Harris

I started my career in IT with the NIH (National Institutes of Health) in 2012. I was originally hired as a technician and eventually moved into a Network Engineer position. After about 10 years with NIH, I left to work as a Field Engineer with Maryland State Judiciary. Now I am here with ATS as a Network Engineer.

Fun Fact

Even though I was born and raised in Baltimore City, the Baltimore Ravens are not my favorite football team. When it comes to professional football, my heart belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Can't Leave the House Without... My phone.

Favorite Restaurant

I don’t really have a favorite restaurant, I pretty much like any place that is convenient with good food.

Favorite TV Show

Two and A half Men: I thought Charlie Sheen’s character was hilarious.

Weirdest Food I've Ever Eaten

Alligator Tail: I used to watch the show Swamp People all the time and on my first trip to New Orleans I just had to find out why they loved eating gator. So, I ordered some Blackened Gator Tail from a local spot and of course “it tasted like chicken”.

Super Power

The ability to fly would be my superpower. I would not mind soaring through the air and not having to wait in traffic to get anywhere.



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