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New Hire: Inside Sales Representative

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Myles Hopkins

"A little bit about myself, my interests are all over including history, traveling, and some video editing. I've been told I have a "let's do it" attitude for most activities/events, which can be a plus or minus. Prior to my current position, I held an inside sales position where we fabricated residential and commercial roofing. I am now grateful to share my experience and join the ATS inside sales team."

Fun Fact

Oddly enough, I used to play rugby in high school and college.

Weirdest Food I've Eaten

The weirdest food I've ever had was escargot (snails), in France. Definitely not a fan.

Favorite Restaurant

My favorite restaurant would have to be Hot n' Juicy in DC, serving seafood boil bags with crab legs shrimp etc. Top tier.

Super Power

A super power of choice would be flight - you get to travel for free.



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