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Dell Workspace ONE Solutions

Managing diverse devices across multiple environments has always posed a challenge for IT administrators. And today, ensuring both security and end-user productivity adds an extra layer of complexity. In the era of hybrid work, this has become even more challenging as organizations navigate the balance between remote and on-site work. To make life easier for IT admins, Dell Technologies and Workspace ONE offer several manageability solutions.

For years, Workspace ONE has been a leading digital workspace solution that streamlines end-user computing experiences, providing secure access to applications and data across devices. Just like streaming entertainment services, Workspace ONE solutions are also available in hassle-free subscription service models. Though Workspace ONE allows IT to manage everything in a unified manner, the implementation process can be a daunting task. Our goal is to provide customers with a seamless experience, enabling them to gain the advantages of Workspace ONE with minimal impact to existing resources.

When you use Dell Services for your Workspace ONE deployment, you gain access to solutions tailored to your specific business challenges—from setup to asset management. And if you encounter any issues, our team is here to help. The Dell Professional Services team offers a range of solutions to support organizations using Workspace ONE.

  • Digital employee experience management. Since user feedback matters to modern IT organizations, this feature allows you to gain insights into how employees feel when using devices and apps. Armed with this valuable information, you can address issues before they become major headaches, ensuring your employees enjoy a positive digital work environment while maintaining eNPS targets.

  • Zero Trust implementation services. Security is a top priority, and this service simplifies the process. It ensures the security of devices and apps through Workspace ONE’s control, aligning with your organization’s Zero Trust security model.

  • Integration services for ServiceNow. Keeping your existing workflows running smoothly is crucial. This service simplifies device tracking and support using Workspace ONE, seamlessly fitting into your current ServiceNow workflow without causing disruptions.

Through close collaboration with customers, Dell Technologies and Workspace ONE have developed a comprehensive set of services that set you up for success. The future of work awaits and it’s time to embrace it with confidence.

ATS can help you through this journey. Whether you’re looking to improve your digital work experience, bolster security with Zero Trust or seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows, we’re here to empower your organization and drive success in this era of hybrid work.



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