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Dell Tech World 2021 Highlights

On 5 May and 6 May, the ATS team virtually attended Dell Technologies World 2021 – and hopefully it will be our last time having to attend virtually! The team attended various workshops and sessions across these two days to learn all about what Dell has done in the past year and what they plan to do moving forward. There is a ton of information and updates we gathered and we want to share how they affect ATS and you, as a customer.

The most important updates were mentioned and briefly discusses in the keynote on 5 May, and then further explored in sessions throughout the event. Below we will highlight the biggest announcements from the keynote.


Dell Technologies unveiled its APEX portfolio of as-a-Service offerings during Dell Tech World and first announced this during the keynote. This portfolio will simplify how business consume technology. The goal of APEX is to reduce the time and complexity of acquiring, managing, maintaining and servicing physical IT infrastructure. Customers will be able to scale IT as needed to launch new apps, start new projects and address the ever-changing needs and growth of their organization. This will all be managed by Dell and accessed through a single console.

APEX Data Storage Services offers enterprise storage from the world’s leading provider when and where organizations need it. APEX Cloud Services, APEX Hybrid Cloud and APEX Private Cloud offer integrated compute storage and networking resources with support for both traditional and cloud-native applications. APEX Cloud Services simplifies and streamlines operations through automated lifecycle management. To learn more about APEX offerings, click here.


Prior to Dell Tech World, Dell had planned to spin its 81 percent stake in VMware, and this was confirmed by Michael Dell during the keynote. plan is for VMware to move forward in the software and SaaS market, while allowing more flexibility and opportunities for partnerships for both organizations.

“We are integrating and innovating edge solutions with VMware and across our capabilities and partner ecosystems, creating the automated intelligent infrastructure for 5G and the data era,” said Dell. “With [VMware] Tanzu, you have the platform to modernize your applications and with VMware Cloud and Dell Technologies, you have consistent infrastructure and operations from the public cloud to the private cloud to colocation and the edge. Together, Dell Technologies and VMware are the multi-cloud platform for digital transformation.” (source)

Edge Computing

During the event, it was made clear that Dell Technologies is focused on the growing edge computing market going forward. Edge computing has quickly grown in the past year due to the dramatic switch to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Michael Dell said that about “10 percent of data is processed outside of data centers and that by 2025. 75 percent of data would be processed outside of traditional data centers,” (source). Additionally, he estimated that over $700 billion in capital expenditure will spent over the next 10 years on edge infrastructure.



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