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ATS Giving Back

We know how many network issues that you and your team have to resolve.  Let us help. Applied Technology Services, Inc. and Juniper leverage Mist AI to give you more visibility, flexibility and scalability into your network and get rid of those trouble tickets.


Can we meet for a few minutes to tell you more? 


Actually, it’s not just you that can benefit. 


We are running a Giving Back campaign that after the meeting, we can offer you one of the following: 

  • $150 Amazon Gift Card.

  • $150 CharityChoice Gift Card to donate to one of over 1000 good causes. 

  • $75 Amazon Gift Card and a $75 CharityChoice Gift Card.


Just click HERE to tell us which day would be best for you to take a quick 15 minute call to tell you more.

Looking forward to it!



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