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New Hire: Account Manager

George Batista

"I am a first generation American, as my parents came to the United States at young ages from the Caribbean & Central America. I was always interested in technology, so I started working for Verizon Wireless in 2013. After a few years working in retail, I managed to be promoted into the Business Group as an account manager.

I tend to spend my free time with my young family and friends. I like to participate/donate to charities & organizations close to my family and loved one's hearts. I also love to annually donate book bags with supplies to my old elementary school as a constant reminder of where I've come from and as a gift to the community that helped shape part of who I am today. This school supports a highly concentrated Latino community, most of who are immigrants with limited resources. It gives me purpose to help children in situations reminiscent of my own childhood."

Fun Fact

During the pandemic, I fell in love with the sport of Golf. While I love and have played most sports throughout my life, golf was not one I expected to enjoy as much as I do. I even volunteered for the PGA Event this past May. I was able to meet many professional golfers and walk away with some cool gear.

Can't Leave the House Without... I cannot leave my house without my phone! I feel completely helpless without it, which is a horrible thing to admit... Favorite Restaurant I cannot pick a specific restaurant! I love Korean BBQ! There are a handful of restaurants that I love and cannot pick one over the other. Favorite TV Show If I could only choose one, it would be Game of Thrones. I cannot get over how it ended but those first 5-6 seasons are perfection! Weirdest Food I've Ever Eaten It has to be fried crickets in Mexico. I was coerced into eating it, but nothing comes close!

Super Power

I would choose control over technology! Similar to Cyborg from Justice League or (I know I'm showing my age here) but the little boy from Heroes who could communicate with and manipulate any computer in close proximity.



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