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Dell EMC IDPA DP4400

The Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400 offers enterprise-level data protection in a converged appliance. It is typically meant for small and mid-size organizations, but it is also very effective for standalone departments of larger enterprises. Organizations and departments are increasingly forced to maintain siloed and complex data protection solutions to protect growing IT environments with more data, applications and users. Dell EMC has built a data protection solution from the ground up for departments and organizations. Other solutions promise simplicity at the component level, but fall short of comprehensive application coverage, performance and deduplication efficiency.

THE IDPA DP4400 offers converged data protection in a 2U, Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G Server platform, that offers complete backup, replication, recovery, deduplication, instant access and restore, search & analytics, tight VMware integration – plus, cloud readiness with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud – in a single appliance. It is simple to manage, deploy and upgrade, and grows in place from 8TB to 24TB in 4TB increments and from 24TB to 96TB in 12 TB increments with simple license keys and no additional hardware, downtime or complexity.

The IDPA DP4400 is powerful in its comprehensive coverage, performance and cloud readiness. It supports the largest application ecosystem, shortens backup windows by up to 2x, requires 98 percent less bandwidth use, and supports 7x more backup streams. It delivers up to 20 percent more capacity in a 2U appliance and an average rate of 55:1 deduplication, for protection of approximately 5PB of logical data with a 2U, 96TB appliance. And, with native Cloud Tier for long-term retention, the IDPA DP4400 can protect up to 14.4PB of data. The IDPA DP400 also offers efficient and cost-effective native Cloud Disaster Recovery (to Amazon AWS or Azure) with end-to-end orchestration – failover in three clicks, and failback in two clicks – all without additional hardware.

IDPA DP4400 delivers a lower cost-to-protect – costing up to 80 percent less to product and protecting up to 4x more data in one 2U appliance. And, the IDPA DP4400 is included in the Future-proof Loyalty Program that features a 3-year Satisfaction Guarantee and a new up to 55:1 Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee.



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