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ATS Embarks on a New Journey with Broadcom

Applied Technology Services, a partner in the VMware ecosystem, is thrilled to announce its recent invitation to join the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program. This development marks a significant milestone in the company's ongoing mission to deliver outstanding solutions to its customers.

A Strategic Selection

Broadcom's strategic acquisition of VMware led to a comprehensive reassessment of partnerships within the program. ATS's decade-long commitment to VMware solutions made a compelling case for its inclusion. As we pivot into this evolved partnership landscape, ATS stands as a proud participant in Broadcom's network.

Empowering Customers

ATS has been instrumental in supporting customer VMware environments and drives continuous innovation and excellence in service delivery. With the integration into Broadcom's fold, ATS anticipates even greater alignment with cutting-edge technologies and licensing advantages that will greatly benefit our clients.

Commitment to Communication

Over the coming weeks, ATS vows to deliver up-to-date information regarding new licensing frameworks and product strategies emergent from this collaboration. Stay tuned to our social media channels for prompt updates and insights that will help navigate this transition.

Looking Forward

The journey to a technologically empowered future doesn’t have to be traversed alone. Engage with ATS and talk to one of our account managers or solutions engineering experts. Discover how our offerings can be the cornerstone of your enterprise's innovative leap forward.

Join us where the future is not only imagined but made tangible. Because at ATS, technology is not just our middle name - it's the core of our commitment to you.


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